A Sister’s All You Need: First Impressions

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this show… The introductory scene was absolutely off-putting, I very nearly dropped the show right then and there. However, after that, we jump into the actual story of the show; about a light novelist who really likes little sisters. No, it’s not Eromanga Sensei. It might actually be worse. The last scene of the first episode was a surprise, though, not at all what I was expecting.


This show, like a large number of others this season, has beautiful art. It’s really nice to look at, and they use a high number of well-made visual gags, at least in the first episode. The characters are all super over-the-top in one way or another, and somewhat interesting. The main draw of the show, I think, is the comedic interactions of the characters, plus the constant references to various Anime and Light Novels.



I’m honestly not sure if i’ll keep this one on my roster or not. It’s a decent watch, at least, but among the many amazing shows this season, it kind of falls a bit flat. The comedy is largely based around sexual humor, but the delivery is on the less tasteful side, from what i’ve seen. I’ll try to give it a few more episodes and see if it improves.

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