BLEND-S: First Impressions

You guys know that feeling when you stumble across something that you never thought you needed in your life, but realized that you actually needed it desperately? This is that thing for me, right now. In this first episode alone, there was hardly a single point where I actually stopped laughing, from beginning to end. It’s a kind of silly, irrational humor that you’ll only find in an Anime, and that’s what makes it special.


Visually, the show is relatively standard fare for shows of this day and age; it looks nice but there’s nothing that terribly stands out. The soundtrack, though, does an amazing job of adding to the comedic factor, and I really enjoyed the OP and ED as well. The characters are all silly and fun in their own way, and I can tell we’re gonna have a great time with this show.


What’s it about? Well, put simply, perverts being perverts, and cute girls being cute. Seriously it’s about a cafe where the patrons come in to be waited on by girls of a wide variety of “personalities”. And it’s hilarious through-and-through. I can’t get enough of this show, and i’m definitely keeping it on my watchlist.

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