Anime-Gataris: First Impressions

Wow, here’s another strange but interesting show coming straight out of left field this season! The premise of the show was basically anime nerds doing anime nerd things, and that’s what was expected. What was given was quite a bit more than that. A cast of colorful characters combined with a sense of… familiarity… are what gives this show it’s strange and unexpected goodness.


Visually, the show is quite pretty, though it’s nowhere near something like Kino’s Journey or Ancient Magus’ Bride. The OP and ED are both good, and the soundtrack is pretty nice as well, though nothing too standoutish. The characters are what really make this show shine, though. Colorful characters, weirdos, and more mix and mingle with each other, drawn by their common love of one thing: Anime.


Watching Kamiigusa swoon over her favorite shows was just so familiar to me, as so many times when i’ve been asked about Anime i’ve gushed for hours without realizing what i’m doing. And that usually is kind of a turn-off for people. I like the idea of a show where characters are able to meet others who share their interests, talk, laugh, cry, and generally be nerds together. Because if we Otaku don’t support each other, who will?

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