100 Days of Anime: Day 78


Day 78 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge. The question: What is your favorite team in Anime? The answer? Please don’t hurt me, guys. There’s a big discussion throughout the Anime community over what is Anime and what is not. Personally, I think my opinion strays somewhat from the mainstream, but I just had to include this one today. So: my favorite team in Anime? Team RWBY, from RWBY.


Yes, I consider RWBY an Anime, and yes, it’s actually one of my favorites. It’s such a great story of friendship and growing up, with a dark world, interesting characters, and ever increasingly fantastic art. Team RWBY has shown, time and time again, their mettle in dealing with things that no ordinary kids should ever have to; monsters, criminals, and even the death of friends. Together they help each other, lift each other, and bring out the best of what they each are capable of. It’s a wonderful kind of teamwork that I haven’t seen anywhere else, really.


Feel free to hate me, but I absolutely adore RWBY, and am anxiously awaiting where the story may go next. What do you guys think of my pick? Do you have any other choices for Anime teams that are amazing? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

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