100 Days of Anime: Day 77


Hey everyone, welcome back to the 100 Day Anime Challenge. Today is Day 77, and our question is: What is your favorite Anime Rivalry? Well this one was a pretty easy pick for me. When I think of rivalries in Anime, the first thing I think of is Natsu and Gray’s rivalry, in Fairy Tail.


The rivalry between these two is excellently written, leading to some absolutely hilarious scenes throughout the series. They are able to have a rivalry while also remaining friends, but competing with each other whenever they can. It’s such a fun and dynamic relationship, and it really adds flavor to the show. I think it’s honestly one of the best rivalries i’ve ever seen in Anime, to be honest.


Honorable mentions here goes to Deku vs Kacchan in My Hero Academia; a rivalry at the other end of the spectrum. This one came in a very close second, but I do enjoy Natsu and Gray’s just a teensy bit more (even if I do find MHA a better show overall). What are some of you guys’ favorite rivalries in Anime? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

One thought on “100 Days of Anime: Day 77

  1. I love Natsu and Gray. The two of them are hilarious and just fun to watch interacting together and with Lucy and Erza. I still haven’t got all that far into Fairy Tail but I absolutely love those two.

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