Made in Abyss: Final Thoughts

Made in Abyss was by far the biggest surprise for me this season. Giving us an unbelievable fantasy world with possibly the best first episode i’ve ever seen, Made in Abyss absolutely blew all the other shows this season out of the water. Combining and amazing soundtrack with incredible visuals, a compact cast of interesting characters, and a great story, this show made a huge splash in the Summer 2017 season.

maxresdefault (2)

Following Riko and Reg on their quest to conquer the dangerous Abyss, the show slowly grows darker and darker, reflecting the descent of the two main characters. In fact, “descending” is a running theme throughout the show, between descending the abyss, descending into darkness, descending into madness, and much much more. The main character cast is kept small and well-managed, and every single episode was absolute quality.


Visually, the show is a great example of what good animators and artists are capable of. Using very minimal CG, it delivers a fantasy world that just looks so darn good. The soundtrack is unbelievably good, with several of the best insert songs i’ve ever heard in Anime, especially that one at the end of Episode 1. The opening theme is ok, the ending theme is pretty good, but the rest of the soundtrack gets an A+ from me. The story is intriguing and deliciously dark, and I absolutely adore the characters.


If you’re looking for something dark and gritty, that also has a great story, some good humor, and beautiful art, Made in Abyss is the show you’re looking for. The lighthearted beginning will turn inside-out, however, so prepare yourself for some emotional trauma along the way. This show was absolutely my favorite out of Summer 2017, and may be the best show we get all year long.

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