In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 10 and 11 Review

Touya and the gang are back for more shenanigans! Once again, the show delivers a wonderful blend of tropes from our typical Isekai/Harem genre shows that either give a toned down take on that trope, or totally blow it out of the water with something absurd and ridiculous, all while keeping an adorable but innocent smile on its face. How does it do it?


Episode 10 is the long-awaited (and totally necessary, of course) beach episode! And somehow bikinis exist in a fantasy world that doesn’t even know what gunpowder is yet? This episode delivered the absolute most fanservice of the series so far, surpassing the slime episode, yet for some reason, it doesn’t feel nearly as cringy as it would in some other LN adaptation shows… mostly. The armor does start to wear a bit thin after the girls start chatting and complaining about various items getting stuck in their breasts, and so on.


Anyways, seems they decide to invite the whole gang along, including the King, the Duke, and all the staff from Touya’s mansion. And yeah, they kinda seem to forget the whole reason they came to the beach anyways, but whatevs. Anyways, to get to the ruins, which are at the bottom of the ocean, Touya has to summon a new familiar, the Black Monarch this time, which has control over water. After the summon, Touya activates some magic stones in the ruins, which activate a portal and take him to a mysterious garden.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

The garden, called the Hanging Garden of Babylon, was created by Dr. Regina Babylon, a genius who, like Touya, had possessed mastery of all elements of Magic. Basically, the first Avatar. But that’s not important, because Francesca is here! A sort of android doll, wearing nothing but panties down below, Francesca creates ever more chaos than Touya has ever wanted to have to deal with. And the girls, after meeting Francesca, have a clandestine meeting of their own, discussing once again who would be Touya’s bride.


This is one point where the show really breaks up the harem tropes, as instead of a friendship/rivalry going on that inevitably goes nowhere until the end of time, the girls actually talk things out between themselves, and agree to share. Although, most of them, except for Yumina, are a bit shy and reluctant about this point. However, when Francesca “registers” Touya to the garden through some lip-locking (isn’t there a better way to acquire DNA, you horny robot?) Linze snaps, and in the heat of the moment, decides to confess her feelings for Touya.


These last 2 episodes were a bit of a mishmash of good and bad. A lot of laughs, a lot of awkward moments, but there comes a point where I kind of with they had either gone a bit more overboard with something, or just not included it, because some scenes felt very… underwhelming, or even slow. That being said, the show is still fun, and I still enjoy watching it.

2 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 10 and 11 Review

  1. These two episodes weren’t great. The show as a whole I’ve found relatively enjoyable but the beach episode just kind of exists and I still don’t know why the duke and everyone were invited as they added nothing to the episode, and does Touya even remember they are there and need to get sent home?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these.

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