Gamers! Episodes 10 and 11 Review

Man, the fun never stops with this show, does it? There’s something unbelievably entertaining about watching other people dig themselves into deeper and deeper pits of disaster without knowing what they are doing, isn’t there? And that’s EXACTLY what Gamers delivers, week after week. However, just that alone would get boring after a while, I think. The show is so well-paced and well-rouded, though, that this doesn’t happen.


Episode 10 tosses us into more chaos, with Aguri and Keita trying to figure out what the heck is going on between Chiaki, Tasuku, and Karen, and Chiaki is trying to sort out her tangled-up feelings for Keita. Luckily, her sister Konoha makes a fantastic wingman. The girls and Tasuku have a discussion about Keita’s fanatical obsession with games, but are baffled when he abandons trying to get a rare game when Aguri calls him for help.



Now, this is where things get sticky, because Karen and Tasuku decide to cook up another of their little plots. This time, they want to go on a Double Date, each of them with their significant other. Meddling Konoha hears about this, and decides to inject Chiaki into the mix as well, making their theme park date into a total ball of chaos. Poor Chiaki, though, she’s always getting dragged into something or other by her friends.


Anyways, the breakneck pace of tangled emotions finally ceases near the end of Episode 11, as Chiaki is finally brought face-to-face with her feelings (thanks to some meddling from Konoha.) Surprisingly down-to-earth and touching, these last few scenes make very clear Keita’s feelings towards his friends, including Chiaki and Karen. His transformation from an awkward kid who only cared about games to a fiercely loyal friend has been made clear, and the ending scenes are just absolutely beautiful. Only one more episode, I believe, let’s hope it’s a good one.

2 thoughts on “Gamers! Episodes 10 and 11 Review

    1. astralgemini

      You’re welcome! I’ve had a blast wth this show this season, so i’m really hoping everything comes together in a nice ending. (totally still rooting for team Chiaki, though.)

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