100 Days of Anime: Day 55


Day 55 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge is here, and our question of the Day is: Do you share your Anime interests with anyone? This question has two very possible meanings, and I think I will take a brief look at both here today. The first is, do I generally talk about my Anime interests with many people? Well… Yes and no. Recently, i’ve started to be more confident in who I am and what I am interested in, and i’ve started to make my Anime interests known to a lot more people. It’s still a bit scary, feeling like you may be judged for your interests, but I think that, as Anime is gaining wider and wider acceptance in the world at large, it’s a lot safer for people to express their interests in it without fear or shame.

Does anyone else out there share my interests, or tastes, in Anime? Well, i’ve been told that I have very strange taste in Anime, but i’ve also been told that I have very good taste in Anime. I’ve recently become somewhat more judgmental of relatively small mistakes, or flaws, in various Anime, but whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, i’m not sure. I really only know one person who totally shares my opinions on Anime, though, and that’s my cousin.

To everyone out there, do you guys have anyone with whom you can talk with, and always agree with, about your anime tastes? Are you comfortable with sharing your tastes with others? And, as a side question, do you feel like, as I do, Anime is growing more and more accepted in society as of late? Let me know down in the comments, please, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow.

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