In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 8 and 9 Review

Oh man, guys, here we are back again with another couple episodes of In Another World With My Smartphone. These episodes were both thoroughly better than the last two, in my opinion, especially Episode 9. However, i’d like to point out something that I really enjoy about this show, and it’s that it can do things that would normally be looked down upon in other Anime like it, with a straight face, and be totally fine. I’ll explain.


Episode 8 introduces a new, semi-important character, Renne. She’s a girl who’s been living on the streets for a while now, both of her parents have passed away. Touya decides to invite her to be a part of his household, so she’s taken on as a maid. Touya makes some bicycles, and the characters interfere on a date between Lyon and Olga, as random insert points. Then… Leen shows up. The mischievous fairy is a character that finally does what we’ve always wanted: pokes fun at Touya with enough skill to actually get under his skin; and she’s REALLY good at doing so. She does tend to drag people around by the ears, though, which is why the gang ends up heading to Eashen.


Eashen, as we know, is essentially Japan, and, rather shamelessly, steals many names and places from feudal, sengoku-era Japan. Yet, we don’t think “oh, not this again” because the show itself is so self-satirical, it makes these tropes into somewhat of a joke, even while delivering them perfectly straight.


When the gang gets to Yae’s house, they find out that her father and brother are currently in a war with a neighboring clan. And, of course, Touya manages to wipe out the whole enemy army with ease. Afterwards, they follow a ninja girl to rescue the four generals of Takeda, and defeat the evil advisor who had taken over the clan. While the advisor has enormous power, Touya is still able to beat him easily, thanks to his unbelievable amounts of OPness.


I really like Leen, as a character. She manages to poke fun at literally everything that Touya does, and acts as a point of grounding for the show, teasing Touya for many things, including how stupidly powerful he is, how he is ridiculously dense, and especially how girls constantly flock around him, for whatever reason. Having this ability to use a character to poke fun at the show and, indeed, the genre itself, while still maintaining a serious image is, I think, a great asset to the show, and one that I hope they will continue to utulize.

3 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 8 and 9 Review

    1. I agree. This show has introduced so many characters now that the early ones are getting a bit crowded out. Which is a shame because the group dynamic was kind of fun and now we are increasingly leaving the group behind while Touya and one or two others go off and deal with the story.

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