100 Days of Anime: Day 47


Welcome back everyone to the 100 Day Anime Challenge; Day 47 of the challenge to be precise. today’s question is short and sweet: Who is your favorite Tsundere? Now, i’m one of those guys that thinks that Tsundere characters are actually really cute, to a certain point, anyways. However… My top pick is someone i’ve already mentioned in this challenge, So i’ve got to expand my options a bit here. That being said, my pick is Makise Kurisu, from Steins;Gate.


Makise is, simply put, a genius. She’s super smart, and pretty too, and her and Okabe have one of the best intra-character dynamics of any show i’ve ever seen. Their constant teasing of each other in a playful way is so cute to watch, and her reluctance to admit her feelings is even more so. She’s been dialed carefully to be just about the perfect Tsundere, one that doesn’t take things too far, and still allows for character growth past the tsundere trait.

04 C.jpg

Anyone else love Makise as much as me? Honorable mentions here go to (of course) Hitagi Senjogahara, from Monogatari, for being perfect in every way, and Taiga, from Toradora, for just being adorable. Now guys, who is YOUR favorite Tsundere character? Let me know down in the comments, and i’ll see you all again tomorrow for more of this challenge!

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