New Game!! Episodes 8 and 9 Review

Ahhh… This show is just relaxing, for me. Anyone else feel the same? I mean, it’s got great art and animation, nice music, an adorable cast of characters, and just enough soul to be surprisingly deep, on occasion. Episode 8 is pretty relaxed, though, as all the girls get to know the new hires. Umiko and Nene welcome the new Tsubame, while Ko, Aoba, and the rest of the character team (and Hajime) welcome Momo to the team.


And holy moly, Momo can eat! Poor Yun, the weight watcher, must be very jealous. and of course, Hifumin is as adorable as ever, doing her best to welcome Momo and make her comfortable, in her own shy and awkward way. Episode 9 gave us some (finally) backstories for Hajime and Yun.

Hajime used to dress up like a girly girl, and basically go with the flow for everything, because she didn’t want her friends to know that she was secretly an Otaku; she did everything possible to hide the fact from them. Yun, on the other hand, used to be a nerdy-looking girl, and wanted to change herself, hence her obsession with borderline gothic clothing and maintaining her proper image.


We also get a peek into the lifestyles of the newer employees, but to be honest, nothing particularly exciting happens in either of these episodes. Now, that doesn’t mean that they are bad episodes, just means that nothing of particular note happened, which is ok. I still love the show, and will return to it every week.

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