100 Days of Anime: Day 44


100 Days of Anime, Day 44, and today’s question is: Who do you ship? Now, i’ve actually never gotten hugely into the whole shipping thing, but i’m usually not dense enough to not realize when a couple would look cute together. That being said, my ships usually end up turning into a canon couple, which kind of destroys the whole “ship” thing. Trying to think of some ships that i’ve made, that haven’t totally ended up as canon has actually been pretty tough.

First up, from this Summer season, i’m shipping Chiaki and Keita, from Gamers. They’re not a couple yet, and I dunno if they will be at some point, but at this current moment in time, they’re not an actual couple, so my ship still sails, ok?


Shuu and Ayase, from Guilty Crown. I know, I know, Shuu loves Inori, and isn’t likely to ever get over her, but he still deserves to be happy! And Ayase is such a wonderful girl, so strong even though she can’t walk. They can help fix each other’s scars, maybe? Somewhat an unorthodox ship, I know, but humor me.


My biggest ship, though, has got to be Lili and Bell, from Danmachi. Yes, I know that Bell likes the Kenki, and yes, I know that Syr likes him and is adorable and makes him lunches and stuff… But Lili really deserves him more than anyone. She’s just plain adorable, has saved his life on multiple occasions, and is more loyal to him than anyone. Gosh, would I love this ship to happen.


Honorable mentions go out to Ikoma and Mumei, from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Ferris and Ryner from LOLH. Mainly because they are the extras that I happened to remember off the top of my head, while writing the closing paragraph. What are some ships that you guys like to fantasize about, and why? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone back again tomorrow!

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