100 Days of Anime: Day 41


100 Days of Anime is still going strong, and here we are at Day 41, where are question is: What is an Anime Character that you just absolutely hate? Well, well, I was wondering when i’d get to this question, because i’ve got a great answer to it. After all, while there have been many characters in Anime that I have strongly disliked, I think there has only been one character that i’ve actually felt legitimate hate for, and wished for their death every single time they showed up on screen. That character is, of course, Kazumi Yoshida, from Shakugan no Shana.


You know, when a ship exists, nothing is worse than someone getting in the way of the ship. However, not only does Yoshida like Yuji, the main character, she actively tries to wedge herself in between him and Shana at every single twist and turn. Her “love” for Yuji borders on stalkerish obsession, and Yoshida herself never actually does anything useful, usually ending up as the damsel in distress that the main characters have to go and rescue. And when Shana and Yuji start getting along better, all of a sudden she’s sooooo picked on, and so left out. All-in-all, I just really, really hate Yoshida. Her character doesn’t have anything likable to it at all, unlike the villains of the show, who we can easily empathize with, and, come the third season, even start rooting for, occasionally.


When you like the villains more than someone in the main cast, you know something’s up, y’all. Seriously. I don’t really have any honorable mentions today, unfortunately, but does anyone else out there agree with me here? Let me know if you guys have any other picks, that I might have overlooked, down in the comments! Thanks for reading, I hope to see everyone again for day 42!

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