Love and Lies Episodes 7 and 8 Review

Episode 7 picks up right where Episode 6 left us, with Yukari and Ririna still in their hotel room. Yukari makes his decision, deciding to try and make love to Ririna, mainly out of fear that the government would be watching them. However, he snaps out of it after seeing Ririna crying due to her conflicted feelings. She likes Yukari, but doesn’t want to admit it, and doesn’t want to hurt Misaki, either. In addition, she can tell that Yukari is forcing himself, and doesn’t want that, either. They talk things out, and in the morning, Ririna leaves, furious. After she leaves, Yukari confronts the government official, asking why he deceived him, but is given only a cursory answer.


Yukari is now distraught, because Ririna is ignoring him. His depressed attitude begins to interfere with his school, and preparations for the school festival, and his friends begin to worry about him. Misaki tries to comfort him, but gets concerned upon hearing the reason for his distress. However, when he meets the government agent again, Yukari learns that the man had had to go through something very similar to Yukari’s predicament in the past, and he advises Yukari to think carefully about his choices, or else he will be miserable the rest of his life.


Episode 8 begins with Yukari’s spirits on the rise, as a letter from Ririna lifts his heart back out of the hole it had fallen into. She refuses to meet him in person, so the two begin communicating through letters, expressing themselves to each other like they can’t to anyone else. I feel like this has sparked a “maturing” of their relationship, as they are taking the time to get to know one another now instead of just playing pretend house. Nisaka, however, is growing increasingly sullen, hating the class’s decision to make him play Juliet in a genderswapped Romeo and Juliet. After Nisaka’s dad takes him and Yukari out to dinner at a sushi place, however, Yukari manages to convince him to stick with it.


Misaki, however, is growing increasingly concerned because of the way Ririna’s letters make Yukari so happy. She knows that the two are already in love, though they haven’t realized it yet, and even though she cares for them both, she doesn’t want to do anything to make either of them realize their true feelings. Instead, she breaks down into a sobbing fit, confessing her love over and over to Yukari (honestly she’s become almost creepily obsessed with him at this point.) What remains to be seen is how Yukari will react to this.


I’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again… I really don’t like Misaki. She feels so fake, like her whole persona is a lie, and her obsession with Yukari is making it even worse. I do know how it feels to see the person you love falling in love with someone else, but I also feel like Ririna will be way better for Yukari than Misaki could ever be. Ririna is able to meet him on equal ground, to understand and relate to his interests, and communicate with him like nobody else really can. That kind of chemistry is so important in a relationship, and Misaki just doesn’t have that… she feels more like a ticking time bomb to me.

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