18if Episodes 5 and 6 Review

This show is enjoyable, but at the same time mildly annoying. The stories of the witches are interesting, but isn’t it time we learned about Haruto, and what his deal is? I mean, come on, he’s supposed to be the main character, right? Yet we haven’t learned anything about him at all! Episode 5 follows a girl named Mirei Saegusa, a famous professional ice skater. After tripping during a world-class competition, and losing because of it, she attempts to cut off her own leg with an axe, but falls into a coma before doing so.


In the dream world, Mirei is attempting to live a normal, ordinary life, one that she missed out on by being a professional skater. Her greatest regret was missing out on the fun times of school, so her dream consists of her going to college. Haruto does his best, trying to push her to enjoy her college life as much as possible, yet in the end, she realizes that what she truly enjoyed was ice skating, and that her life really wasn’t a waste.


Episode 6 begins with a girl named Natsuki Kamikawa, who was subjected to severe bullying by some of her classmates, and though she was able to tough through it, and endure the bullying for a long time, she finally couldn’t take any more of the pain, and attempted to end her own life. When she ends up as a Witch, she believes that she is in the afterlife, and begins to place curses on her old classmates, especially the bullies, to get revenge on them for what they had done to her.


My big issue with this episode is how the tension that got built up was dispelled so easily. people don’t let go of grudges from stuff like bullying from just a short conversation with some stranger, it just doesn’t work like that. And after Haruto magically manages to get rid of all the hate in her heart, they suddenly board a giant mech and fight a fleet of alien spaceships in what has to be the worst action sequence of the season… it was just depressingly bad. At this point, the show is starting to lose my interest, unfortunately, which is a shame because the first few episodes were pretty good.


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