New Game!! Episodes 4 and 5 Review

Cute girls, cute girls, cute girls! This show is like a healing tonic, just full of cute girls. Plus, these last 2 episodes, we got so much more Hifumin! Episode 4 begins with Hajime trying to get some tickets to go see the Moon Ranger show, which is a popular show that has also created an Idol group with a huge following. Unfortunately, the tickets sell out super fast, and she is unable to snag a ticket. Hifumi offers to give her ticket to Hajime, but Hajime refuses, being polite. Luckily, though, Yun has an extra ticket, so they end up going together.


The day after the show, Ko and Hifumi have a conversation about how each of them has begun to change after Aoba came to the company, and Hazuki offers once again to put Hifumi in charge of the character team. After some encouraging from Ko, Hifumi agrees to take over the team, though she doesn’t really have much confidence in herself, especially in her ability to communicate properly with others.


Episode 5 kicks off with Hifumi trying to take responsibility for her team, asking Aoba and Yun for their estimated finish dates for their current projects. They both automatically lie about their deadlines, like they are used to doing with Ko in charge, but immediately regret their choice, because of how seriously Hifumi takes it. Instead of getting mad, though, Hifumi gives them as much help as she can, offering them some tips and macros to help them work more efficiently.


Hajime and Aoba, meanwhile, are struggling with their ideas for game concepts and character designs. Hazuki encourages both of them to talk to other people for ideas, instead of trying to muddle through on their own. They manage to come up with some really cool concepts for their game design, as well as some interesting character designs that are far different from their original visions. Seriously, i’d play their game, it looks pretty fun.

[Ohys-Raws] New Game!! - 05 [720p]-muxed_001_12370

While it’s nowhere near the level of amazing brilliance that was Shirobako, this show is a nice example of workplace friendship and teamwork… Who am I kidding, this show is about the cute girls and their antics. And you know what, i’m perfectly fine with that, because the show is enjoyable, and it’s never hard to watch. It’s not the most intellectually stimulating series out there, but I still enjoy it to the fullest, as much as I can.

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