Classroom of the Elite Episodes 4 and 5 Review

Oh boy, this show can keep me on my toes. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, with how the story kind of bounces around, though. Episode 4 starts with a dilemma arising where Sudo (red hair, basketball punk) has gotten into a fight with several students from Class 1-C. This causes some real problems, as if the punishment goes through, Sudo would get a suspension, and the rest of the Class D students would lose the few points they managed to save up. Of course, Kiyotaka and Suzune don’t want to let that happen, so they start to pull out all the stops to get evidence.


Kiyotaka has a strange way of gaining people’s trust, and is able to befriend a girl from 1-B, giving her some advice. She returns the favor by gathering some info on the guys that fought with Sudo, which Kiyotaka neatly stores away in his mind. However, thanks to Suzune’s observations, it seems that a member of their class, Sakura, had seen the fight. However, her shy nature has prevented her from saying anything.


In Episode 6, Kiyotaka and Kushida accompany Sakura to an electronics store to help fix her broken camera. Sakura confides to Kiyotaka that she did see what happened to Sudo, but felt like she couldn’t confide it to anyone, not even Kushida. (Seems someone unconsciously knows that Kushida’s a big fat fake.) Well, eventually they hold a hearing, pitting Sudo, Kiyotaka, and Suzune against the three kids from Class C, with the student council president presiding over the meeting.


Suzune’s nerves get the better of her at seeing her brother, and Kiyotaka has to literally tickle her to her feet. I’ve actually never seen that one done before, good job, show. While Suzune takes the reigns on the debate, the teacher of Class C schemes and tries to twist her words to emancipate his students. With Sakura’s testimony, however, the tables are turned on him, and he has no choice but to try for a combined guilt plea, making both Sudo and the Class C punks at fault.


This show has an intriguing story, but it’s not without faults. For one, Kushida revealed her true self at the end of Episode 3, yet it’s barely touched on at all in 4 or 5, really only being mentioned once, in passing. You’d think that after a big reveal like that, they’d try to play it more into the story rather than let it fall by the wayside. It’s not a super big deal, as the show is interesting anyways, but it is something I noticed. My last question is, why do all the girls in this show have such uniformly large… assets?

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