Knight’s and Magic Episodes 6 and 7 Review

I’m gonna level with you guys. It’s really getting increasingly difficult to keep this show on my roster. It has so many massive, glaring issues, it’s just driving me insane. Episode 6 begins right after the founding of the Silver Phoenixes, the Knight squadron led by Ernesti. The Telestale have been given to the nation’s research lab to refine, and the King declares that there should be a tournament between the Phoenixes and the Lab’s new models. The deadline is in 10 months. So, of course, there’s basically a huge timeskip, where we see bits and pieces of the construction of the new units, and some extraneous dialogue about characters that we don’t really care about.


Episode 7 is pretty nice, the whole episode is pretty much the tournament. Of course, because the writers are so indecisive, they can’t make Ernesti OR the lab win, so they just call it a draw in the cop-out of the century. The combat scenes, as always, look great, but the weight of the poor writing, directing, and most everything else just drags it back down into the dirt. At the end of the episode, Ernesti makes some new units for the King and his grandson.


It may seem like i’m skipping over some major plot points here, but i’m really not, unfortunately. The constant timeskips are seriously making me upset with this show. The characters have zero depth whatsoever, and we really haven’t been given the opportunity to know more about any of the characters, or the world, or anything, really. The pacing is awful, the plot is nearly nonexistent… it’s like the studio has forgotten what ‘interesting’ or ‘quality’ really means.


The real shame here, I think, is that the show has several things going for it. The art is really, really pretty, the music is great, and the actual basis of the plot has some potential. The mech fights are seriously well-done, they do a good job portraying the bulky weight of the mechs, and distinguishing between the ones that are heavy but strong, and lightweight and fast.So much potential, going totally to waste on a show that is one of the biggest trainwrecks i’ve ever seen.

One thought on “Knight’s and Magic Episodes 6 and 7 Review

  1. I’m also finding the show increasingly hard to watch. As much as I am watching worse shows, this one frustrates me the most because it has everything it needs to be a good story and just isn’t, plus the issues are getting more obvious as the episodes pass. I’m hoping not to drop this at this stage of the season, but I’m really close to just calling it on Knight’s & Magic.

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