In Another World With a Smartphone Episodes 4 and 5 Review

Oh man, this show is so fun to watch. Episode 4 tosses Touya into a great deal of mayhem as he goes to visit the duke, only to learn that the King has been poisoned! Touya and the Duke rush to the castle, where they find the King bedridden, and nobody in the court can do anything to save him. The suspected culprit is Olga, the fox girl that Touya met during his shopping trip. Of course, Touya has just the spell for the situation, and manages to save the king easily.


After saving the king, Touya puts on a big show as the super-sleuth, in order to vindicate Olga. With the most simplistic investigation, Touya determines that it’s the (obviously suspicious looking and acting) count, Balsa, who had poisoned the king in an attempt to frame Olga, and bring suspicion on her country, Mismede. After that, the princess, Yumina, declares that she has fallen in love with Touya, and the king announces that they are now engaged! Let the true harem begin! Seriously though, Yumina is totally adorable.


Afterwards, Touya decides to summon a monster, and ends up with one of the 4 legendary beasts (of course). Episode 5 gives us our first real bit of fanservice, as the gang goes to exterminate the cloth-eating slimes from the castle of an ancient wizard. Touya is very excited about it, but the girls really aren’t enthused. However, while we do get some minor fanservice, it’s immensely toned down from what we usually get from a LN anime, which I think really works in the favor of my enjoyment of this show.


Afterwards, we get to see a bit more of the personality of each of the girls. Yae is such a sweetheart, and is trying her best though she’s very far from home. Linze is an extremely hard worker, she works herself ragged trying to learn new magic to help support her friends. And Elze is just adorable; she really does like doing girly things once in a while, but doesn’t like others to know. Luckily, Touya is both kind and dense enough to pluck right at each of the girl’s heartstrings.


While it might not have the most riveting story, deep characters or complex plot, this show is always a joy to watch. The cozy feeling that it generates, along with the fun characters, nice music, and pretty art, just make it sort of relaxing to watch. It’s surely not the best of the season, but it’s nowhere near the worst, either.

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