Made in Abyss Episodes 5 and 6

Mmmm, oh how I have missed this show. Though, I guess you could say that missing some episodes means I can binge it a bit… Hey, that’s not half bad! Anyways, the thing that really stands out at the very start of Episode 5 is a true sense of danger, which I feel many shows don’t manage to get right when they try. Riko and Reg are so small, so tiny compared to everything else, and their childlike images are almost immediately offset by this new monster, the Corpse Weeper, and a gory, dessicated corpse.


When Riko gets snatched, though, Reg finally reveals his secret weapon, the immensely powerful Incinerator cannon which can melt through stone in mere instants. While he does save Riko, the sheer power of the weapon leaves Reg with serious worries about his past, his existence as a whole, and whether or not he can really protect Riko. Once again, I am astounded by the attention to detail in this show. Specifically, forks. They could have had normal forks, but instead, their forks are designed to have a knife blade on the edge of one tong, allowing them to cut as well as stab. not only that, but they are small and sturdy, perfect for packing along on an adventure. As an experienced hiker and canyoneer, I very much appreciate seeing stuff like this.



We also get to see more into the minds of the people who live and work in the Abyss. The attitudes that even a child as young as Riko holds towards the dead, and her respect for the cycle of life within the Abyss, is definitely something to be admired. At the end of the episode, we get a glimpse of Ozen the Immovable, one of the legendary White Whistles, along with a foreboding message from the narration.


Now, onto Episode six. First off, Reg, good job bringing up the topic of how exactly does Ozen get her hair like that? Well, it’s not that big of a deal, anyways. What matters is that Reg and Riko have made it to the Seeker’s Camp! There they meet Ozen, as well as a kid their age, whom they quickly befriend. Ozen gives them some temporary Blue Whistles to carry while they reside in Seeker’s Camp, but something about her personality is immensely ominous. And when Riko wakes up in the middle of the night, and finds a mysterious monster in the middle of the camp, the mystery only goes deeper.


I absolutely love this show. It is an incredible combination of art, storytelling, worldbuilding and narrative that is rarely seen nowadays. With such amazing attention to details, such wonderful direction to get the utmost out of every frame, to tell the story as it was meant to be told, this show goes above and beyond the boundaries of the typical anime. Now, not all the cards are in play, there’s still a lot left to see, but I can’t wait to see where this show goes in the future.

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