100 Days of Anime: Day 16


Day 16 asks: what is your pick for the Anime with the Best Animation. Ooh boy, this is a good one here. There are so many shows with spectacular animation that I’ve seen, and so many styles that each have such incredible animation in their own right. However, one show that I saw recently just blew me away with how fluid and lovely the animation was, every single episode, consistently all the way through. Studio Trigger blows today’s pick out of the water with Little Witch Academia.


Studio Trigger really knows what they’re doing when it comes to animation. Their use of colors, high frame rates, beautifully fluid characters, and very crisp action choreography all comes together in LWA to create a masterpiece of animation. Netflix is the company that grabbed the show, so unfortunately it was tough to watch it simulcast, but the whole show should be out on Netflix now, so go give it a watch. It may seem like a kiddy show at first, but it’s got a heartwarming story, interesting characters, stellar animation and fantastic music, i.e. everything that makes a show great.

Little Witch Academia - 13 - Large 26

So there we go, I finally mentioned LWA. Special mentions for Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, for the spectacular realism of motion, especially in combat. So, what do you guys think? What shows do you think have the best animation out there? Please let me know down in the comments, and I hope you’ll stick with me through this series, to the end.

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