100 Days of Anime: Day 13


Oh dear, Anime Character that i’m most similar to… Well, Day 13, you’re certainly presenting me with a conundrum here. See, i’m trying not to repeat things but… if I had to answer this question honestly, i’d probably have to say Toori Aoi, from Horizon. So, keep that in mind as I go on to my tiebreaker pick, Okabe Rintarou, from Steins;Gate.


Okabe is a mad scientist, with an alter-ego named Hououin Kyouma. He constantly rants about this delusional world that he has made up inside his head, acting out his everyday life as if it were real. Thing is, though, Okabe is truly brilliant. His ‘inventions’, while outlandish and sometimes silly, show his constant perseverance and willingness to experiment with the norm, and his analytical mind is matched only by his counterpart in the series, Makise. However, when things go south, Okabe displays his willingness to endure unbelievable amounts of pain, even lay down his life to save his friends.


Crazy, intelligent, a giant goofball, but a fiercely loyal friend, Okabe has been one of my favorite characters for a very long time. Steins;Gate is one of my favorite shows, and anyone who hasn’t seen it should do so, pronto. So, what Anime character do you guys find yourselves most similar to? Please let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see you all again, with another day in the challenge.

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