100 Days of Anime: Day 12


Day 12 already. Today wants to know what I think is the Saddest Anime Scene. Now, i’ve seen a lot of plenty sad scenes in Anime, but there is one scene that has always stuck with me, for years and years, and will probably stay at the top of my list here for a very long while more. That scene is, of course, the final scene in Chrono Crusade.

Aired in 2003, Chrono Crusade is either the 2nd or 3rd anime I ever watched. It follows Rosette, a nun of the Order of Magdalene, which is essentially an order of combat nuns who fight demons, monsters, etc. Unlike many of the other nuns, Rosette is loud and boisterous, and she also has a secret. She has a contract with Chrono, an immensely powerful demon with power over time, and by feeding him her own ‘time’ or lifespan, Chrono can gain unbelievable power to fight enemies.


In so many shows, you hear about a power with limitations, but the limitations hardly ever come into play. Unfortunately, in Chrono Crusade, that’s not the case. SPOILER ALERT! In the last episode of Chrono Crusade, Rosette and Chrono have finished their final confrontation with Aion, the main antagonist. The curse that Aion had placed on Rosette’s orphanage is lifted, but Rosette and Chrono are nowhere to be found. Due to releasing so much power, Rosette only has one more day left of her life, and her and Chrono spend it together in a cabin in the woods, finally dying in each other’s arms as the sun sets.


When I was younger, this scene totally destroyed my emotions, I remember crying for over an hour. And guess what? Chrono Crusade has recently been added to Crunchyroll! If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch. It’s quite good. Anyways, that’s Day 12 done. Thank you everyone for reading, and please let me know what your saddest anime scene is!

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