A Centaur’s Life Episode 4

This show is turning into one giant 20-minute facepalm each episode that comes out, seriously. I mean this episode starts with a guy confessing his love to Hime, handing her a love letter. But instead of taking it, she just runs away from him, with her friends following close behind. Nozomi bugs Hime about it all day long after that, asking why she ran away from the guy. Eventually, Hime responds by telling her friends about how she got teased when she was a kid, and is ashamed of her body?


This ends in the girls comparing their bodies with each other, to put it lightly. It’s just a really awkward scene that didn’t really need to be included, in my opinion. Anyways, after  this whole debacle, Hime takes the letter from the guy again, but after reading it, she turns him down, ofgfended by the fact that his letter mentioned her boobs. (seriously what guy in their right mind would actually write something like that in a letter?)

The cringe was so real this episode. This is easily my least favorite episode of the show so far, there was just a bunch of stuff that was just unnecessary towards the main points of the plot that probably could have been done without. Will I be keeping this show on my roster this season? Eh, maybe, maybe not. I’ll give it one more episode, at least.


A Centaur’s Life airs on Sundays, and is available on Crunchyroll.

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