Knight’s and Magic Episode 5

Knight’s and Magic seems to be slipping into the groove of things after a pretty rocky first few episodes. The story isn’t really that great, but the mech-on-mech action shown in this episode was fantastic. I think the thing i like most about these mechs is how they do such a good job at showing weight. The mechs are super heavy and cumbersome, making it difficult to perform precise maneuvers in them. That’s the kind of thought and care that makes a show good, in my opinion.


The enemy forces, probably from another country but we don’t know exactly where yet, have succeeded in their plan to infiltrate the fortress and steal the new units, by using a Trojan horse tactic of stealing an allied mech and using it to get inside the gates. Encountering strong resistance from the forces at the castle, they are only able to get out with 2 of the new mechs, however they encounter the students from Laihiala on their way towards the castle. Though they fight bravely, they are simply outmatched in experience, and are defeated. Afterwards, the king assigns Ernesti and his team to a new SK unit, called the Silver Phoenixes.


This show really isn’t the best of the season, not by a long shot, but it’s pretty good. Nice animation and art make the lackluster story a bit more bearable, at least. Nevertheless, I intend to continue watching for the rest of the season, in the hopes it will get better. What do you guys think of this show?

Knight’s and Magic airs on Sundays, and is simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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