Fate/Apocrypha Episode 5

Episode 5 kicks off right where Episode 4 left us, just after Siegfried sacrificed his own life, giving the homunculus kid his heart so that he can live. The rest of the Servants and Masters of Black show up, questioning Ruler and Astolfo about what happened, and discussing punishment, as well as trying to take the Homunculus. Luckily, Ruler is able to dissuade them, and they depart, taking Astolfo back with them. His (was anyone else just barely made aware that Rider was a guy?) master is not pleased, but Astolfo has no regrets, and Chiron only wishes he had helped more.


Ruler takes it upon herself to get the homunculus to a safe place, so he can have a normal life. The homunculus decides to name himself Sieg, in honor of the hero who gave his life for him. Ruler, apparently able to see into the future, sees Sieg surrounded by bodies in a sea of blood, and knows that, despite her best efforts, he will eventually be forced to fight. Despite knowing that, Ruler finds him a good man who is willing to take him in, and tells him to live his life to the fullest, and to practice smiling so he can show her a smile when they meet again. Also, Assassin (Jack the Ripper) has gone rogue, and is just doing her own thing now.


I’m really enjoying Apocrypha. It’s different enough from the previous Fate installments to be a nice breath of fresh air, and A-1 is doing a good job of keeping the quality high as well. I can’t wait to learn more about what Ruler can do, and I hope we get to see a lot more of her as the series progresses. My one complaint about this episode though, it needed more Mordred. Seriously she was on screen for like 3 seconds.

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