100 Days of Anime: Day 2


We’re only at Day 2 and we’ve already hit a really tough question. Day 2 is the Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far. I’ve seen so many shows in my life, and so many that I could potentially classify as my “favorite”, that it makes this question immensely difficult to give an answer to.

There are, however, a couple of shows that I have seen many, many times, because I just can’t get enough of them. Angel Beats is an obvious pick for me. The story is great, the characters are awesome, the animation is top-notch, and that last episode is just so perfect in every way. My only pickle with the show is that I wish it were longer.


My off-the-wall pick is Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, a show that has gotten a lot of mixed reception. The pervy nature of the MC tends to throw people off pretty easily, but if you can get past that, you’ll find a show with extremely genuine characters, a fantastic story, great animation, and some of the best fight scenes you’ll ever see in any anime. It’s dang good, I promise you.


The last show that i’ve always had at the top of my list is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It’s so unbelievably well-written and well-produced, both the Japanese and english dubs are just perfection, and it’s got such a great blend of comedy, tragedy, action, and everything else, that it’s just a joy to watch, every single time. I truly love this show, and will probably never get tired of it.


So then, what is YOUR favorite anime that you’ve seen so far, and why do you like it so much? Thank you everyone for reading, and i’ll see you all again on Day 3.

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