Princess Principal Episode 3


Have I mentioned yet how much I love the OP for this show? Because it’s amazing. Such a nice Jazzy feel to it, it works perfectly with the show’s gorgeously handled steampunk theme. This latest episode takes place just after the previous one. Beatrice is still antagonistic towards Ange and Dorothy, even though the Princess has accepted them fully. While meeting in private, the Princess declares to Ange her determination to become Queen and unite the country around her.


A new mission has come in from Control. The minting plates for the Pound have been stolen by the Duke of Normandy, who wants to flood newly-minted currency into the economy of the Commonwealth and destroy them from within. Princess creates a diversion so Beatrice and Ange can infiltrate the ship that the plates are being held on. While Beatrice is still unsure about Ange, Ange reminds her that she is genuinely trying to help out the Princess, and literally gives her a pep talk at gunpoint. The infiltration proceeds, and Ange and Beatrice manage to reconcile their differences and complete the mission.



This show is just awesome. I adore steampunk settings, and this one does it very well. A nice storyline, great characters, a good soundtrack, solid pacing, and engaging action scenes all blend together into a show that I truly look forward to every week. If you enjoy shows with Steampunk, Mystery, Intrigue, or cute girls, give this one a shot.


Episodes air on Sundays, and are available on AnimeStrike.

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