A Centaur’s Life Episode 3

This show is so fun, and this episode did some great things that I really enjoyed. Of course, it wasn’t without faults. The episode starts with Hime hanging out with her adorable little niece, who is a bit obsessed with Hime. As they go out for a walk, they run into Manami, the student council president, and her three little sisters (triplets). They go to a park and talk about a bunch of stuff like love and family. Hime’s niece and Manami’s little sisters hit it off really well, becoming fast friends.


We then get a look into the daily life of Manami and her family. Because their mother is gone, Manami has taken the mother’s role in her household, taking care of her father and 4 younger sisters. There are actually some very heartwarming scenes in here, with Manami displaying just how much her family means to her, and we see that despite her harsh exterior, she truly cares about her family more than anything in the world.

This show, though a bit wierd, has some nice heartwarming moments to it. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I originally thought that I would, so it’s definitely staying on my watchlist. It’s essentially a slice-of-life show, so if you enjoy those, give it a shot!


A Centaur’s Life airs on Sundays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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