18if Episode 3

This show just keeps improving. It started out a bit rough, but it’s improving itself pretty rapidly, to be honest. Haruto makes a great protagonist, one that we don’t get to see all that often, one willing to put aside the bounds of “good” or “evil” to help those in need. The latest dream that he wanders into is ruled by a girl named Kayo, who has contracted a serious illness and is in a medical coma in the real world, literally on her deathbed. Very soon after Haruto meets her, she transforms into a witch, giving her body the strength to spend some time doing fun things with Haruto.


Haruto finds out from the doctor that Kayo is nearing death, because her illness is so serious. After hearing this, he makes it a point to go and do as many fun things with Kayo as he possibly can. Kayo, realizing what a kind and genuine person Haruto is, (and also not really having experience with boys) falls head over heels for Haruto. Unfortunately, good times won’t always last, and the episode ends in a genuinely tragic and touching scene.


This show is doing so many things very well, and the little details make it brilliant. For instance, when Haruto first arrives in Kayo’s dreams, it is very monotone, with lots of muted colors. But, as he spends time with her, warming her heart, the colors brighten as a reflection of that. If you haven’t watched 18if yet, I recommend that you give it a shot.


Episodes air on Fridays and are available on Crunchyroll.

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