Knight’s and Magic Episode 3

Pacing, pacing, pacing. Studio 8-Bit really needs to learn more about pacing. The first episode was so rushed, the second episode was all one huge fight, and now the third episode is super rushed again. I understand that it might be necessary to cut things to make a 12-episode season but… This is just too much. It feels like we lose so much of the story because of how rushed things are. If they were going to try to cram so much content into a show, they should have done a 24-episode release, at least.


The episode begins with Ernesti getting a reward from the King because he killed the Behemoth. Ernesti, being the mech-nut that he is, asks for the designs to build the core of a Silhouette Knight. The King tells him that if he can design a brand-new SK, then he can have the designs. So of course, he takes over the entire school and uses all the mechanics and such to create a bunch of new designs for SK-related stuff, including miniature body suits, and shoulder-mounted arms to hold magic rods. The episode culminates in a fight between his new SK design against the best Knight in the school, which ends in an unclear result.


This show is starting to annoy me, to be honest. I want to like it, I really do, but it feels like so much is missing from the show that should be there. My hope is to buy the LN’s to compare them to the Anime, and hopefully get the full story from there. I’ll keep watching the show, though, because it’s really not bad at all. It just has some pacing issues that bug me.


Knight’s and Magic airs on Sundays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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