A Centaur’s Life Episode 2

This show is a bit of an interesting case. Nice art, an interesting world, and creative characters, it has so much going for it. But with bad timing, poorly written lines, and a shallow plot that doesn’t take advantage of what it could possibly be, the show feels like it’s missing on so much potential that it could have had. This was a bit of a nagging feeling I had during the first episode, but it’s grown more pronounced now in the 2nd episode, with unnecessary pauses in between lines, and unfitting music cropping up at seeming random times.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

In this episode, Nozomi discovers that Hime had been featured in a fashion magazine. This prompts one of their classmates to blackmail Nozomi into being her personal dress-up-doll, as working jobs is not permitted by their school, as she threatens to expose Hime. Then, it’s suddenly winter, with the girls looking back on a spring activity when they all went to visit a mermaid school. It really felt like this was only there to show a lot of girls in swimsuits, to be honest. And to throw in even more teasing of Nozomi about her flat chest. Poor girl. It ends with a short scene between two characters we don’t even know, talking about the troubles that mermaids have living in the world.

In the first episode of this show, I was quite hopeful that it would turn out to be good, but it seems that I may have been mistaken. There are just so many small problems, with no outstanding redeeming qualities to speak of. I will try to keep watching, but as my schedule gets busier, this will probably be one of the first shows I end up dropping, unless it improves drastically. Please let me know your thoughts about this show.


A Centaur’s Life airs on Sundays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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