Chronos Ruler Episode 2

Here’s yet another show that, though it had a rocky start, has shown off some redeeming qualities in its second episode. Victo and Kiri have made their way to a gambling town, where Victo’s penchant for gambling, and generally obnoxious and lazy nature is really starting to piss Kiri off. Furthermore, due to a random act of idiocy on Victo’s part, they are left penniless.


Suddenly, not just one, but eight Horologues appear and attack a man whose regret over getting into gambling has called them there. Kiri shows off an enormous amount of power (that he didn’t use at all in episode 1, for some reason), to dispatch all of them in just an instant. Suddenly a giant, white horologue appears, claiming to be the same one that had bitten Victo. A mysterious woman then appears, claiming to be Victo’s wife, and takes them to see an organization called Chronos.

Now, this episode was interesting, because it felt very disjointed, almost jumping from one point to another. That being said, the elements of mystery that were thrown into the story are enough to keep me interested, for now at least. Guess we’ll see where it goes.


Chronos Ruler airs on Fridays and is available on Crunchyroll.

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