Konbini Kareshi Episode 2

To those of you who may have tossed this show aside after the first episode, I recommend that you give it another try. This second episode was enormously better than the first, with some genuinely funny scenes, good comedic timing, and some of that ‘awwww’ feeling you get watching a cute couple be cute. This show may not be the best Romance series out there, but it’s redeeming itself, at least.

Konbini 8.jpg

Tore is really starting to annoy the Class Rep now. He’s a nice guy but I think he has some trouble telling when he’s getting on people’s nerves. Class rep asks her newly-found friend for help, and they both go to Haruki to ask him for help. Haruki, being the quiet but nice guy that he is, has a chat with Tore, which devolves into an argument about their methods of flirting, and some generally hilarious misunderstandings. Turns out Tore actually really has a thing for the class rep, and Haruki decides to try and help them get together in his own awkward way.

While the first episode was rather bland, this episode felt a lot smoother, and was far more entertaining. I try to reserve passing a judgement on a first episode alone, and i’m glad that I gave this show a second shot. There are still some issues, but things are actually looking up.


Konbini Kareshi airs on Thursdays, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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