18if Episode 2

Talk about a shocker second episode. As opposed to the tame, sort of goofy but confusing vibe we got from the first episode, this episode starts with a guy getting brutally murdered by a Witch. Turns out that when he was 16, him and 2 of his friends had broken into a family’s house and murdered the mother, father, and older daughter of the residence in cold blood, for no other reason than to have some fun. Unfortunately for them, the younger daughter had been hiding in another room, and turned the three of them in. 10 years later, the criminals have been released from prison, and that same daughter, having been in a coma for many years, is now hunting them down for revenge.


Kanzaki approaches Haruto, who is still stuck in the dream world, asking him to help prevent further deaths by defeating the witch before she can commit further murders. While Kanzaki tracks down the criminals in the real world, Haruto visits the domain of the witch. However, after meeting her, and hearing her story, Haruto decides that she is actually in the right, even going so far as to help her finish off the other 2 criminals.

This episode truly took me by surprise. It’s not often we see a protagonist actively go against what would be considered “morally correct”, and I really liked to see that disparity. If this is a sign of what more we might get in the future, then I’m very hopeful for this show. I’m definitely going to keep this on my watchlist for now.

[Kopajasubs] 18if - 02.png

18if releases on Fridays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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