My First Girlfriend is a Gal Episode 1

So… where to even start with this one? Well, the animation is great and the art is gorgeous. The show certainly seems to be extremely well-made. Junichi starts his fall semester with high hopes, which are immediately dashed as he notices that everyone seems to have coupled up over the summer. Well, that’s depressing for him…


Junichi and his friends happen to be incredibly unpopular. Which is not very surprising, given the way they act and some of the stupid crap they get themselves into. Anyways, Junichi’s friends hatch a plan to set Junichi up with a girl in their class, Yukana, who is gorgeous and stylish, and also might hate his guts. With a forged letter in her locker, and Junichi tricked into being at the crime scene, what does Junichi do? Well… Gets down on the ground and begs, of course.


I honestly didn’t like this show. It felt like it was trying WAY too hard to be funny, and just came off as really crass and crude instead. The story itself isn’t bad, but I feel like the execution could be have been much better than it was. As it is, watching it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so i’ll be dropping this series, I think.


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