Tsurezure Children Episode 2

Tsurezure 1.PNG

Short but sweet again. Those of you who are following this show probably get what I mean. We saw a few of the same characters from the first episode, as well as several new characters whose relationships we’re all rooting for, I hope. First off, we meet the shy class rep’s little sister, whose oniichan love is a few steps into legit crazy, especially when our bubbly redhead enters the mix. Astronomy girl is back, too, trying to recruit some juniors into her club. What happened to her and astronomy senpai though? Will we ever know?

Tsurezure 2.PNG

Next up, we meet a deep-voiced guy who seems about as dense as your average light-novel protagonist, and about as intelligent as your left thumb. The poor shy girl he sits next to sure is cute, but her communication skills are a bit lacking. Through a wacky conversation of multiple mutual misunderstandings, they somehow end up together. Finally, an adorable girl of the “emotionless” type joins the mix, and shares an umbrella walk home with a guy who just so happens to be crushing on her, not that she notices.

Tsurezure 3

My one complaint about this show is, it’s so short, and we get so little time with each character, I really can’t be bothered to try to learn their names. So enjoy my nicknames for them from now on, I guess. That being said, each little self-contained love story is quite amusing, and adorable, so i’ll keep it on my watch list.

Tsurezure 4.PNG


New episodes release on Tuesdays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll!

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