In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 1

Yay, another light novel anime! This time it’s one that i’ve been following for a while, actually, meaning I actually own several volumes of it. Basically, Mochizuki Touya dies after God mistakenly drops a lightning bolt on top of him. In return, God offers to reincarnate Touya into another world, as well as give him a significant power up to keep him from just dying off again. When Touya asks, God also lets him take his smartphone into the world, letting it be powered off of Touya’s magic reserves.

isekai smartphone 2.PNG

Upon arriving in the world, Touya quickly meets Elze and Linze, twin sisters whom he helps out of a pinch with some thugs. Touya and the twins become fast friends, and they make an adventuring party to earn money together. Touya asks Linze, the younger sister who is adept at magic, to teach him how to use magic, and they quickly discover that he has extraordinary affinity for all types of magic (again due to the blessing.) And that’s pretty much all that happens in the first episode.

isekai smartphone 3.PNG

It’s pretty much your standard LN anime, i.e. protagonist ends up in a fantasy world with OP powers and begins forming his harem of pretty girls. Touya’s a bit of an imbecile, though, far more so than we are used to seeing. Not just that, but this series sports a noticeably lower amount of fanservice, tot he point where it’s almost nonexistent, for the most part anyways. If you enjoy the LN anime “classic plot line” but aren’t a fan of how so many of them are totally non-family-friendly, give this show a shot. you may enjoy it.

isekai smartphone 1.PNG

New Episodes air on Tuesdays, and you can catch the show on Crunchyroll!

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