Princess Principal Episode 1

Out of everything i’ve watched this season so far, this show has been the biggest surprise for me. I was hooked 10 seconds in with the beautiful art and the delicious steampunk theme, and things just kept getting better from there. Princess principal is about a group of young girls who work as spies in a dystopian society where London is split by a wall – very akin to the Berlin wall. The main character, Ange, is a young girl attending a prestigious academy, but, after her parents were killed in front of her as a child, and she was taken in by the information bureau, she now works as a spy, alongside several other girls that also attend the academy.


The first episode follows the girls as they escort a man to safety – Eric, a scientist who has made a contract to defect to the other side of the wall in return for the money to cure his sister of Cavorite poisoning (cavorite being some sort of material probably akin to uranium, but with the ability to power devices that can do things such as make a person float.) As the episode progresses, we discover that not all is as it seems, Eric may not be such a good guy after all, and these girls, though cute on the outside, will carry out their duties with ruthless efficiency, even if it means taking a life.


Honestly, this show is my biggest surprise so far, and will probably end up very high on my list at the end of the season, if not at the top. The contrast between the bright, glitzy facade of the school and the dark, filthy underbelly of the city where the spies and other such organizations operate is brilliant, and I was totally hooked all the way through. I highly recommend that you give this show a look, it won’t disappoint.


New episodes release on Mondays, and it can be watched on Anime Strike.

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