18if Episode 1

18if is a show about the “dream world” and the events that occur within. It’s a somewhat strange show with an interesting art style and a somewhat confusing story. From what I can gather, the dream world is run by a bunch of “witches” who are basically girls who fell into depression, went to sleep and never woke up, and now torment people in the dream world using their powers.


In episode 1, we are introduced to the main character, Haruto, who is then immediately thrown into a confrontation with the Witch of Thunder. With some help from a mysterious girl named Lily, and the catlike professor Kanzaki, Haruto manages to beat the Witch of Thunder in a battle of words, ending her curse and allowing her to wake back up in the real world.

I’m really not sure what to make of this show. It’s somewhat interesting, but it doesn’t seem as promising as many of the shows i’ve seen already for this season. It’s kind of confusing and the plot doesn’t make much sense as of yet, so I don’t really know if i’ll be sticking with it or not.


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