Love and Lies Episode 1

Koi to Uso is a show about a future Japan where all marriages are decided by the government. At the age of 16, every Japanese citizen gets a notification from the Government telling them who their future spouse will be. For Yukari Nejima, this system is absolutely horrific, as he has been in love with his classmate, Misaki Takazaki, for 5 years. The day before his 15th birthday, Yukari decides to confess his feelings, in an attempt to change his fate.


In the first episode, we get a well-rounded introduction into the world and the characters, and we get to see several scenes that held very genuine emotion, as the show captures us so quickly and gets us invested in the characters in under 20 minutes. We even get to see a beautiful confession scene, which is very quickly dashed away by the appearance of government agents.

This show grabbed me right off the bat, and I’m hoping it continues to be this good. It’s been a while since i’ve found a romance/drama that i’ve really enjoyed, so i’m very happy to get a good addition to the genre. The art and music are both great, and this shows so much promise, so i’m very excited for this season.


Koi to Uso should be releasing on Mondays, and can be watched on Anime Strike.

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