Anime Review: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


Seeing as the sequel to Rage of Bahamut will be finishing it’s release soon, I figured I should get a review of the original out there before I review the sequel. Rage of Bahamut is an anime series based on a game of the same name, written by Keiichi Hasegawa and directed by Keiichi Sato, and produced by Studio MAPPA.

Set in a world called Mistarcia, Rage of Bahamut shows the interactions between the Humans, Gods, and Demons all sharing the same world. In the ancient past, an enormous dragon called Bahamut had laid waste to the world, and the races had finally all worked together to seal it away before it destroyed the entire world. The key was split in half, half being given to the Demons while the Gods kept the other half.


The story follows Favaro Leone, a readheaded bounty hunter with an afro, who, despite his goofy, laid-back personality, is extremely skilled, and Kaisar Lidfard, a former noble rocking a pompadour whose family was brought to ruin by Favaro’s father, the leader of a bandit clan. While Kaisar hates Favaro, and constantly attempts to kill him, Favaro typically takes it all in stride, always managing to get away from Kaisar.

Favaro’s life is changed one day when he meets a beautiful woman in the town, who, after some events transpire, saves him from a monster, revealing a beautiful yet terrifying demonic form in the process. When Favaro wakes up the next morning, he discovers he has a tail, and has been bound to this demon by a contract, he has to help her achieve her goals, and in exchange, she will restore his humanity. This girl, whose name is Amira, turns out to be half-god, half-demon, and has stolen the god’s half of the key to Bahamut.


As Favaro and, by association, Kaisar, get pulled further and further into a multitude of schemes. As the two bounty hunters desperately try to extract themselves from the mess they are in, they only end up sinking further, and in the end, it might be up to these two misfits to save the world from Bahamut.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis features striking, unique visuals, a beautiful soundtrack, and a relatively interesting story, and is truly a genuinely good show. I know nothing about the game that it’s based on, but I have seen the Anime several times over, so i’m excited to dig down into this show and see what it’s made of.


Art: Rage of Bahamut features an extremely unique art style, one that you won’t see in really any other show. When I first started watching the show, I was rather turned off by the art, but as I watched, I realized that the art isn’t meant to pander to other’s tastes, but instead is made to fully capture the essence of the show.  After rewatching several times, I love the art! 5/5

Animation: Smooth, fluid, and beautiful. Rage of Bahamut has immensely good animation, and they mix in CG so well you can hardly even tell it’s there. A very well-done job on the Animation, so I give it a 5/5

Music: Rage of Bahamut has a gorgeous symphonic soundtrack by Yoshihiro Ike, one of the best i’ve ever heard in any anime. While it probably won’t make any iPhone playlists, the soundtrack perfectly works together with the visuals in enhancing the show to its fullest extent. Listen carefully, the music may give you foreshadowing to events, if you can recognize the subtle undercurrents in the score. 5/5

Characters: Oh, how I love the characters in this show. Favaro and Kaisar have such an interesting Frenemy relationship, and the interplay between the two of them and Amira is genuinely hilarious. Add in Rita later on, and you have some of them best back-and-forths you’ll ever see in an anime. 5/5

Character Development: Sadly, while the characters are brilliantly written, we don’t get to see as much character development as we’d like to. That being said, the development that we do get really isn’t bad. Amira’s learning the ways of the world, Kaisar’s reluctant letting go of his pride, Favaro’s transformation from Zero to Hero… Yeah, it’s all pretty good. 4/5

Worldbuilding: While Rage of Bahamut sets up a beautiful world for our story to take place in, we don’t get to see nearly as much of it as we’d ideally like to. I love seeing lots of lore, relics, tales, etc in my media, so not seeing much of that in such a promising world makes me kinda sad. 3/5

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure. You could easily throw Romance in there as well, I think, though the show itself isn’t centered around the romance. The fantasy elements are all there, and the action is very nice. I would have liked to see more adventuring, and less just plot skipping. 3/5

Tropes: Rage of Bahamut is kind of a fence sitter. It tosses some tropes into the story, mainly for comedic effect, but I  don’t think they are used to their full potential. Either keep them out or fully commit, guys! 3/5

Personality: Rage of Bahamut is a show heaping with personality. While it doesn;t have a cult following like so many shows do, it has such a unique style with the art and the music that I really need to give it a 5/5

Plot: Rage of Bahamut has a genuinely interesting plot. I really would have liked them to take more time with it, as it felt very rushed, but altogether it was a good story that kept me engaged from start to finish. 4/5

PacingAs I mentioned earlier, I feel like Rage of Bahamut had a bit of a rushed pacing. I feel like they could have stretched for a 13th episode to give us a little more time with the story, or ideally given us a 24-episode show instead of just 12, to really flesh out the story and give us more of the world. 3/5

Personal Opinion: I really, really like Rage of Bahamut. I feel like they took some real risks with the show, and they really paid off. I wanted more, which is why i’m so excited about the sequel. I give Rage of Bahamut: Genesis a rating of 4/5


Phew, that was a wordy review. I always feel like I need to talk in-depth about everything, but I also know that I should probably keep things on the shorter side. So let’s see, Rage of Bahamut gets:


My personal recommendation for watching Rage of Bahamut: Genesis is to binge it. It’s really short, just 12 episodes, and it’s really engaging, so just find some free time and knock it out quick. I definitely recommend this show, just bear in mind it may take a minute or two to get used to the art style.

And there you have it. Please let me know what you thought of this review in the comments below, let me know if there’s anything you want me to review in the future, and please follow so that you can stay up-to-date on my latest posts!


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